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Bicycle Tyres and Tubes

Tyres and Tubes for Cycling


The type of tyre you choose for your bike depends on your intended use. Road bikes typically have narrow, smooth tyres for increased speed, while mountain bikes have wider, more rugged tyres for better traction on off-road terrain. When choosing a tyre, consider the following factors:


Tyre size is typically printed on the sidewall of the tyre. Ensure that you choose a tyre that matches the size of your bike's wheels.


Tread refers to the pattern on the surface of the tyre. Slick tyres have no tread and are best suited for smooth surfaces, while tyres with a more aggressive tread are better suited for off-road terrain.


Tyre pressure is critical for maintaining good performance and preventing punctures. The correct tyre pressure can vary depending on the rider's weight, tyre size, and riding conditions. Always check the recommended pressure printed on the sidewall of the tyre.


Tubes are the inflatable, inner part of a bike tyre. They are usually made from rubber and can be easily replaced if punctured. When selecting a tube, ensure that it matches the size of your tyre. Tubes come in a range of sizes, so it's important to choose the right one to avoid punctures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my tyre needs replacing?

Inspect the tread for signs of wear and tear. If the tread is worn down or there are visible cuts or holes in the tyre, it's time to replace it.

2. Can I use any tube with any tyre?

No, it's important to choose a tube that matches the size and type of your tyre to avoid punctures and ensure proper performance.

3. How often should I check my tyre pressure?

It's recommended to check tyre pressure before every ride. If you ride frequently, it's a good idea to check tyre pressure at least once a week.

4. How do I repair a punctured tube?

You can either patch the puncture or replace the tube entirely. To patch a puncture, locate the hole in the tube, roughen up the area around the hole, apply glue, and place a patch over the hole. To replace the tube, remove the wheel from the bike, remove the tyre from the wheel, replace the tube, and reassemble.

5. Can I mix and match tyre brands?

While it's technically possible to mix and match tyre brands, it's generally not recommended. Tyres from different brands may have slightly different dimensions or characteristics, which can affect performance and safety.

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