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Cycling Doesn't need to hurt, if it does you might benefit from an expert bike fit in Derby from Cyclo Monster. Get a bike fit for your new or existing bike.

The goal of our bike fit is to increase your comfort on the bike. If you are comfortable you will be able to ride further and faster and be less prone to any injuries or aches and pains/

Our bike fitting system developed by Shimano is suitable for all cyclists. This system is great for cyclists who want a fit to improve their comfort and position on the bike without going for a high-level performance fit. The objective of the bike fit is to ensure comfort on the bike and identify any areas that may be causing problems. After taking a series of measurements we will compare your key contact points on your current bike, to the theoretical position suggested by our software.

Based on this information and our bike fitting experience we will make recommendations on adjustments to improve positioning. All measurements are established using our laser measuring system.

The initial process will take around 60-90 minutes and includes optimisation of seat height/position and stem and bars height adjustments and basic cleat adjustment, and also includes a follow-up session if required based on feedback after riding.

This professional bike fitting service is currently available for only £95 (rrp £139)

Optional Services:

Free fitting on shop purchased stems and saddles

Fit handlebars and retape: As per current workshop rates

Quick and precise

Easy to use for any bicycle type

Copy to existing bicycles

The ‘2D Body Analyzer’ is the foundation of this system. With 10 measurements, it translates the rider’s body dimensions into bike positions for all kinds of disciplines and preferences.

Shimano has enhanced the static measurement over decades, in order to provide reliable data for choosing the right bike. Not only will it give you the numbers to build a custom frame, but it also translates those numbers to over 60 brands and 3000 frames to determine and calculate the ideal frame size for you.

This system can also be used to achieve a preferred position on a current bike, and, or transfer that position to further bikes.

Comfort, sport, competition or professional fit.

5 Reasons you need a bike fit