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Cyclo Monster Bike Shop Derby Workshop

Bike Workshop and Bike Servicing at Cyclo Monster Derby

Fixed Price Bike Servicing

Fixed-price cycle servicing starts at only £55 for a silver cycle service or our most popular platinum service for £99 which includes labour for fitting any service parts. Why wait to get your bike serviced just pop into the store for a free cycle assessment. We will let you know which bike service level will be best for your bike. With Cytech trained mechanics and a fully stocked workshop, there's nowhere better to get your bike serviced.

Our top-level platinum plus service now comes with a free 6-week check as we have essentially rebuilt your bike which is the same checkup we offer on a new bike purchased from us.

Bike Repair Options

In addition to our fixed-price bike repair services, we are able to carry out almost any cycle repair. The below list is of our most common bike repair jobs, this is by no means exhaustive if you can't see what you need please contact our cycle workshop

Cyclo Monster Workshop Service Prices

Fixed Price Menu Item Servicing

Workshop Servicing Menu Options 2022

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is the Platinum service the most popular:
We recommend this service as suitable for 80% of people as this is the best one to keep your bike in good condition even if you already look after it well. We will strip and clean the parts of the bike that can't be seen and make sure your bike stays in great condition for another year. Any service parts that need fitting are fitted for free.

  • Why is a 6-week check included on the Platinum Plus:
We include a 6-week check as the bike has had a major service and most parts removed. This allows for any bedding in and allows us to recheck and torque all the bolts, check for cable stretch, and readjust the gears and brakes, etc if needed.

  • Why do I need a new cassette as well as a new chain:
When your chain wears the cassette wears too, once the chain wear goes past 0.75% the cassette will also wear and won't mesh with a new chain, and the chain will slip under pressure. We recommend a new chain when the wear is around 0.75% and a new chain and cassette where the wear is between 0.76 and 0.99%. Once the wear is beyond 1% we recommend a full drivetrain replacement including chain, cassette, chainrings and jockey wheels. You can reduce your drivetrain wear with regular cleaning and chain checking.
  • How often should I service my bike
We recommend a bike gets a platinum or higher bike service every 6-12 months depending on usage in combination with regular cleaning, checks, and basic maintenance. Have a look at our blog for guides on cleaning.

Other Service Options

Custom Builds - New Bike Upgrades

Working with you, we can spec any bike in-store or indeed any bike we can order to your exact specifications we will trade in any of the parts on your new bike that you don't want and fit those that you do! some of our most popular custom options on new bikes are wheels, we carry a vast range of Mavic and DT Swiss wheels in store and can get Hope, Campagnolo, Fulcrum and much more to order so we will always be able to supply the best wheel for your needs. gearing changes aren't a problem either our trained colleagues are on hand to help you change cassettes, cranks, and mechs to get the best gear ratios for your needs.

Ground Up Custom Builds

Let's be honest there's nothing like having a bike that no one else has got if you're looking to build a one of a kind machine then we can help with our expert colleagues we can work with you to build your perfect bike helping you select your frameset, wheels, groupset and finishing kit to make your perfect bike come to life, if all the parts are purchased from us we will even build and setup your new bike for FREE!

E-Bike & Di2 Service / Repairs

At Cyclo Monster, we specialise in all popular e-bike drive systems. our service department can offer diagnostics repairs and maintenance, technicians are fully trained in Shimano, Bosch and Impulse e-bike drives and are happy to help with any technical inquiries.

eBike Software & Firmware Updates

We recommend updating your bike's software on average every 6 months updates start from only £30 and will fix bugs, Improve performance and in some cases even increase your bikes range! keeping software up to date is important as it helps keep your bike running smoothly and if there's a problem it's the first thing we will check for.

eBike Center Mount Motor Cleaning & Checking Service

Your motor is the heart of your bike and just like your own it's important to keep it in good working order, with our motor cleaning service starting at only £40 get your bike booked in today! Most motor systems are completely sealed meaning no internal maintenance is needed however with your motor being located at the bikes bottom bracket it is prone to collecting dirt, mud and road grime inside the protective casing. If left unchecked this can corrode cable connections and work its way past seals into the motor itself. with our motor cleaning service, we will remove your motors protective casing clean out all the grime, clean and check your motor connections and its frame fixings. To improve the life of your motor and improve your riding experience.

eBike Upgrades

Not getting enough range or torque? Pop in and speak to one of our technicians about upgrading your battery and motor systems, our expert mechanics can offer support and advice on upgrading your battery to a higher amp hour to increase range, adding options like the Bosch Nyon computer to give you inbuilt satnav, WiFi and Bluetooth capability, or installing a higher torque motor to make even the steepest of hills easy to climb. customizations are also available for certain drive systems allowing fo the possibility of customised torque curves in the addition of inbuilt lighting and many other options.

Shimano Di2 ElectronicGearsets Repair & Service

If you have ever ridden a Di2 bike then you'll know how fantastic it is, but like all electrics every now and again it requires a bit of a "tune-up" with software updates released on a regular basis improvements are always been made. we recommend updating your Shimano Di2 software every 6 months to get the best performance and features with diagnostics and customisation services from only £25 and a range of groupsets supported including; Ultegra Di2, Dura Ace Di2, XTR Di2 and Alfine Di2 we have the ability to get you back on the road in no time.

Not currently running Di2 but want to see what it's all about? our workshop technicians can offer help and advice on upgrading your bike to Di2, by supplying the correct parts and most importantly fitting and set up to your specification why wait? Get your bike booked in for an update quote today!

Drivetrain Cleaning

Your bike's drive chain takes a beating picking up all sorts of grime and a whole host of other contaminants whilst you ride, all these increases wear and shorten the life expectancy of your bike's drive chain. Here at Cyclo Monster, we offer our complete drive chain cleaning service using our Rozone bike washer. Using Ph-neutral, non-toxic and non-hazardous cleaning solution heated to 40c our washer effectively cuts through road grime and salt to leave your drive chain looking like new! After cleaning we use a water dispersing oil to push out any remaining fluid dry it off and then relubricate with quality chain oils to make your chain run like new. Full Cleaning and Re-lube ONLY £15

Bike Service Care Plans

Make looking after your bike simple and make huge savings over individual costs with one of our service plans, plans can be taken out on any bike no matter how old as long as the bike is in good condition. with new bikes, its simple just add a plan when you purchase your bike, with used bikes, we will need to complete an assessment and carry out any work needed before you take your new plan out.

We offer a range of pay monthly service plans with added benefits starting from £10.99 / Month. Full details are available in-store, call in for details.

Cyclo Monster Workshop

Free quotations for all jobs - Fixed price labour charges - Extensive parts supply services -

Advice on maintenance - We service any bike - All work is guaranteed for 12 months

Save on individual repair costs with one of

our great value service packages.

Platinum +



Silver + Kids

Included Checks / Repairs (excludes Parts)






12 months on parts and labour.

Free fitting of any parts needed during the service

Upto £17 Free


Check frame, forks and shox (if fitted) for damage

Check cables for damage / wear

Check tyres for cracks / rips / wear

Check brakes for correct operation / damage / wear

Check gears for correct operation / damage to mechs & shifters

Check chain for wear

Check hubs for play / smooth rotation

Check headset for play / smooth rotation

Check bottom bracket for play / smooth rotation

Re-inflate tyres to correct pressure

Torque bolts to manufacture specifications

Lubrication of moving parts (chain / cables / pivots)

Re-adjust / set-up gears + Brakes

Frame and Forks wiped down

True wheels (small buckles)

Adjust hubs (if adjustable)

Adjust Headset

Adjust BB (if adjustable)

Remove, clean, re-grease & reinstall seat post (if not seized)

Drivetrain Clean

Strip, clean & rebuild headset (parts excluded)

Inspect, strip & clean bottom bracket (parts excluded)

True wheels (large buckles / broken spokes) (Ex spoke)

Strip bike to frame, full clean & degrease

Strip, clean & rebuild Front + Rear hubs (parts excluded)

Strip, clean & rebuild brakes (excludes Hydraulics)

Free 6 week check to ensure everything has bedded in as the bike has essentially been fully rebuilt.

Extra: It is recommended brake fluid is replaced after 2 yrs

£17 Extra per brake inc. fluid

Extra: Headset service on bikes with internal stem routing

From £45 Extra

Extra: Time trial bike

From £85 Extra

Extra: E-Bikes (Bosch, Shimano, Brosch) updates, motor & battery care

£26 Extra


Brake Bleed (Single) (Inc Fluid)


Brake Bleed (Pair) (Inc Fluid)


Brake Re-Alignment (Per Brake)

From £11

Cable Disc Brake Fitting (Per Brake)


Hydraulic Brake Fitting (Per Brake)

From 38

Rim Brake Fitting & Set Up (Per Brake)


Brake Blocks - Fit And Adjust (Per Brake)


Gears & Drivetrain

Fit New Cassette/ Freewheel (Wheel Only)


Fit New Chain (Ex-Gear Adjustment)


Replace Bottom Bracket


Drivetrain Clean


Front Or Rear Derailleur Fitting & Set Up


Sti Cable Lever Fitting & Set Up (Each)

Sti Hydro Lever Fitting & Set Up (Each)

From £27

From £53

Front Chainset Replacement Exc. Bb Fitting


Front Chainset Replacement Inc. Bb Fitting


Gear Index (Adjustment Only)


Replace Inner + Outer Gear or Brake Cable

(Internal Routed Surcharge May Apply)

From £16

Internal Frame Cable Routing Surcharge

From £12

Wheels & Tyres

Hub Service (Ex-Parts)


Hub Service (Internal) (Ex-Parts & Oil)

From £55

Tyre/ Tube Replace (Including Recycling)


Internal Hub Inner Tube Replacement

From £27

Wheel Build (Customer Parts Supplied.)


Wheel Build (Including Wheel & Spoke Calculations)


Wheel True Small Buckle


Wheel True Large Buckle + 1 x Spoke Replacement + £2/Additional Spoke (Ex Spokes)


Glue Tubular Tyre (From +£40 To Remove Old Glue)


Tape Tubular Tyre (From +£40 To Remove Old Glue)


Replace Wheel (& Tyre, Tube, Rotor) and Fitting

F =£20 R=£27

Tubeless Top Up (Each)


Tubeless Retape, Seal And Top Up (Each)


Tubeless Full Setup (Each) 20% Off Parts With Pair



Wired Computer Fitting


Lights Fitting Front or Rear


Pannier Rack Fitting


Full Mudguard Set


Fitting Bar Tape (Ex Tape)


Slime Service (Per Wheel) (Inc Slime)


Saddle Fitting


Suspension & Dropper Seat Posts

Forks / Shox Lower / Air Can (Ex Oil, Seals)

From £37

Full Suspension Frame Pivots

£60 P/Hr

Fork Replacement

From £38

Dropper Service

From £30

E-Bike Repairs, Software & Diagnostics

Bosch, Shimano, Impulse, Brosch,

E-Bike Software / Firmware Update


E-Bike Motor Inspection Check And Clean


Shimano Di2 Diagnostics & Firmware Update


Electronic Fault Finding

From £60/Hr

Other Jobs

Headset Service / Fitting (Ex-Parts)


Headset Service - Internal Cable Routing Surcharge

From £45

Handlebar Replacement (Dropped) (Inc Re-Tape)

From £32

Handlebar - Internal Cable Routing Surcharge

From £12

Stem Replacement


Bike Build & Pdi From Box (Not From Us)


Bike Build & Pdi From Box (From Us)


Cleaning Of Bikes So Repairs Can Be Done


Full Bike Build (Not From Us) Bare Frame

From £139

Full Bike Build (All Parts & Frameset From Us)


Insurance Quote


Saddle / Seatpost Replacement / Dropper Fitting

From £16

Pedal Fitting (Ex Seized Pedals)


*All Prices Exclude Parts & Materials Unless Stated