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E-Bike Types - Step 4

How E-Bikes Work

E-Bike Motor Systems

E-Bike Types

Demo an E-Bike

Choose an E-Bike

Types of E-Bike

There are a number of types of E-bike available and choosing the right type should be based on the type of riding you plan to do. We have split this into the categories below:

Hybrid, Trekking, Touring and town.

Hybrid and touring bikes are more suited to road riding, cycle paths and canal paths etc and typically they will come equipped with mudguards, pannier racks, lights and a kickstand. Variants include Step through models, women's sport models with sloping top tubes and traditional gents model with a conventional top tube.

They make a great option for commuters as you can arrive at work in style without breaking a sweat. They are also great for anyone who just wants to get out and enjoying cycling, choose a more trekking orientated bike and light bridle way and mixed terrain use will become accessible. E-Bikes make a great addition to a motor home as they can be easily carried and give you the freedom to get around after you have pitched up.

Hybrid E-bike

Hybrid Step Though E-Bike 

Hard Tail Mountain Bike

A hardtail mountain bike has front suspension and a rigid rear end.

Hardtails make for a very versatile bike as they can be used on any terrain, they still make for a practical commuting, trekking, or town bike with the added option of going offroad.

Commuters often choose a hardtail as it makes for a practical weekday bike with the added benefit of being able to take it off road at the weekend.

Focus E-MTB Hardtail


Full Suspension Mountain Bike

A full suspension bike has front and rear suspension, if you are planning on going off road this the most versatile option.

There are a number of factors to consider including wheel size, tyre size, travel and geometry. 

For example, if you are not planning of riding off-road on very technical or rocky terrain a shorter travel full suspension bike may be more suitable for example 100-120mm travel, where as if you are planning on hitting the trail centers or peak district then a longer travel bike may be better 120mm + travel.

The most common wheel sizes are 27.5inch and 29inch wheels including plus size wheels which typically have a 2.8inch tyre.

Tyre sizes can range of from around 2 inch to 4.5 inch.

Modern full suspension bikes are very efficient and suitable for even the casual rider, with options to lock out suspension when not required.

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