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E-Bike Motor Systems - Step 3

How E-Bikes Work

E-Bike Motor Systems

E-Bike Types

Demo an E-Bike

Choose an E-Bike

E-Bike Motor Systems

There are a variety of electric bike motor system available, the best systems are crank driven. They provide more power and better balance than a hub driven motor.

These include:


Bosch Electric Bike Motors

Bosch systems include:

Active line (40 NmTorque + 250% Assistance)

Active line Plus (50 NmTorque + 250% Assistance)

Performance Line (63 Nm Torque + 275% Assisstance)

Performance Line CX (75 Nm Torque + 300% Assistance)


A variety of batteries are on offer from 300 - 500 Wh. The wide range of options and a great reputation for usability and reliability means you will find Bosch systems on a large range of bikes.

Other features include compatibility with the Bosch Nyon computer which is an optional upgrade from the standard Intuvia device and includes sat nav, blue tooth to your mobile and measures your calorie consumption as well as all the standard feature.

When shifting gear the system eases off the power to give a smooth shift similar to an automatic car gear box. 


Active Line, aimed at hybrids and other recreational bikes. It meets the standard pedelec rules with a maximum speed of 25km/h and 50Nm of torque. (There are higher-speed versions of the other Bosch systems for European S-Pedelecs.)

Active Line Plus The versatile Active Line Plus provides optimal support when you are discovering new areas and want to take eBike excursions outside the city boundaries. The quiet, small yet powerful drive unit weighs in at just 3.2 kg and offers gentle acceleration up to 25 km/h. The light weight and reduced size ensure improved handling in all riding situations. 

Performance Line puts out 63Nm for faster acceleration for e-mountain bikes, European trekking-style bikes and a general sportier feel. Performance Line and Active Line look very similar but for the graphics on the casingsAdTech Ad.


Performance Line CX is for mountain bikes with a maximum torque of 75Nm, and power coming in at a pedalling rate of just 20rpm. The motor is smaller than the Active Line too. That reduces the distance between the pedals so a Performance Line CX e-bike feels more like a regular bike.




Bosch Motors










Impulse Drive Electric Bike Motors

Impulse drive systems are fitted to Focus and Kalkoff bikes, options are:

Impulse 2.0 (70Nm Torque)

Impulse Evo (80Nm Torque)

Impulse Evo RS (80 Nm Torque) smaller and lighter than EVO

Impulse Evo RS Speed (Speed version, not legal on UK roads)

impulse Drive

Shimano Steps Electric Bike Motors

Shimano systems options include:

Shimano Steps E6000 Hybrid (50Nm Torque)

Shimano Steps E6100 Hybrid (60Nm Torque)

Shimano Steps E7000 MTB (60Nm Torque)

Shimano Steps E8000 MTB (70Nm Torque)


Shimano Steps E6000 system is aimed at urban use and has a 418Wh battery. It also has the option of working the Shimano's electronically controlled Di2 hub gear and can be set to automatically shift gears and reset the gearing back to a low gear when you stop.

Shimano Steps E6100  is a premium e-bike system of components that are installed on an e-bike to deliver a fully enhanced riding experience. It’s the most versatile system in our collection, built on the latest technologies developed for our successful e-MTB system which serves as the industry’s benchmark. 

Shimano Steps E7000 It rides like a normal mountain bike thanks to its small size that allows it to be built on the same frame geometry. Its low profile with durable protective cover is designed to handle the rigors of off-road riding while clearing protruding roots and rocks. It can be counted on for a controlled, smoother riding experience.   

Shimano Steps E8000 system is new for 2017 and is designed as a direct competitor to the Bosch Performance Line CX system. The system is smaller and more powerful than the E6000 system.

The OLED display is positioned behind the bars so is protected. The E8000 system also has the Di2 option for electronic shifting. The battery is bigger at 504Wh.



Shimano Steps M8000


Brose E-bike Systems

The basis of the Brose e-bike System is a steering motor produced millions of times over for cars and manufactured in accordance with the strictest automotive quality standards. This drive has been consistently developed and perfected over recent years for use in high-quality e-bikes. Production of the drive system takes place at the Brose manufacturing plant in Berlin. We are thus proud to offer our e-bike motors truly ‘Made in Germany’.

A riding experience that excites


  • The quietest motor in the market for an undisturbed ride
  • The best power-to-weight ratio for effective support and great handling
  • Bike model-specific motor set-up based on the type of e-bike


A design that excites


  • Perfect integration of motor into the frame for a great looking e-bike
  • Small and lightweight for the next generation e-bike design



Dimensions 213 x 150 x 128 mm
Weight 3,400 g
Motor type mid-drive motor
Nominal voltage 36 V
Rated continuous power 250 W
Assistance Pedelec up to 25 km/h
Assistance S-Pedelec up to 45 km/h
Pushing aid up to 6 km/h
Ingress protection rating IP56


E-Bike Laws Here

There are a number of laws around electric bikes for more info see our e-bike laws page


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