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E-Bike Benefits Buyers Guide - Step 1

How E-Bikes Work

E-Bike Motor Systems

E-Bike Types

Demo an E-Bike

Choose an E-Bike

Why would you buy an E-Bike

 E Bike Benefits

1. Riding an Electric Bike can become a lot more fun.

2. Commuting becomes more practical as you won't arrive all hot and bothered and it might be quicker on an E Bike.

3. Hills become much easier to ride.

4. Carrying additional weight becomes less of a problem i.e child seats or full panniers etc as the E-Bike takes the strain

5. Electric Bikes are a great means of personal transport.

6. You can keep up with other riders who are fitter than you.

7. Its a great way to ease you self into cycling and make it more accessible.

8. You may be able to increase you ride distances or durations on an E Bike.

9. Its significantly cheaper than driving a car, getting the train or bus.

E-Bike Buyers Guide


E-Mountain bikes have seen the biggest uptake in recent years. Quite simply its about the most fun you can have on a bike. Remember that massive climb before the big downhill that your not that keen on riding up? Well now its not a concern as you fly up it! And the best thing you will still have the energy to do it again, or maybe another lap of your favorite route.


Cost Savings 


You could save £1036 / year just on standing charges, factor in over 14 pence / mile in petrol vs 0.13 pence for an eBike and the saving soon rack up.

The average car costs are shown below, compare these with the costs of using an e-bike above and making the change definitely makes sense.

Road tax £175, Insurance £806, MOT, £55


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