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It's all about flavour

Our sports nutrition range is naturally flavoured; we've not compromised on flavour for the sake of functionality! Our products have been developed to satisfy your taste buds, with no overwhelming flavours, no misleading descriptions, no compromise in functionality, and no let downs.

Goodness In = Greatness Out

We care what goes into our bodies and expect it to deliver. Our OTE Sports nutrition products are free from artificial sweeteners and colours, and have been developed to help you hydrate, fuel, perform or recover.


We're not sales people; we're athletes and experts in nutrition. Customer service starts and ends with us, so if you want to know more about OTE Sports, our products or just have a chat about the weather, you can speak to us directly at the OTE bunker. We love to talk!

Proud To Be British

As they say, home is where the heart is. OTE Sports nutrition products are researched, designed, developed, manufactured and tested here in Great Britain. We strive to support the British sports industry and nurture home grown talent from ground level up. Bring out the bunting!


Our mission is to make sports nutrition simpler; no marketing spin, just real, straightforward nutritional advice for all athletes.

Do What You Love

Love What You Do! OTE Sports is born from over twenty years of sporting passion; no matter where you push your limits-running, swimming, cycling, football or the gym-love every moment and let us share the passion together.


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