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 Kids Bike Portal

Welcome to our Kids Bike Portal

Cycling is a skill for life. Something that lets you explore new places and have great experiences with friends and family.

The right kids bike can give your little ones a fantstic experience and set them on a course of health and well being.

We have a range of bikes that cover all ages and abilities.

Watch them take their first steps on a balance bike around the kitchen, before learning the essential balancing skills and scooting around with there feet off the ground. As soon as this happens its time for a pedal bike.

Who will be the most proud the first time they ride off without any help.

Frog Bikes

View Our Kids Bike Range

Teach Your Child to Ride in 30 minutes

Teaching your child to ride can be really easy if you follow our simple guide.

Teach Your Child To Ride

Kids Bike Servicing 

Kids bikes need servicing too, a kids bike service is usually only £33 and includes all the checks included in our silver service, drop the bike instore for an accurate quotation

Kids Bike Servicing

Step One - Teach Them to Balance Step Two - Their First Pedal Bike Step 3 - Time for Gears

Age 2- 4 Years

Age 3-5 Years Age 5+

The best way to get a child started on a pedal bike is by giving them a balance bike to practise on first.

The child learns how to balance and steer a two-wheeler, without the complication of pedals.

When they have mastered the balancing aspect its time to get pedals, make sure the bike is the right size, too big or small and they will lose confidence.

We recomend the Frog 43 for ages 3-4 yrs or the Frog 48 for ages 5-6 yrs

Now they have mastered the basic of balance,

pedaling and braking its time to step them up to a geared bike and go for some longer biker rides.

Here are some options 

Frog 52 for 5-6 yrs 

Frog 55 for 6-7 yrs

Frog 62 for 8-10 yrs

Frog 69 for 10-12 yrs

Frog 73 for 12-14 yrs

Frog 78 for 13+

Happy Cycling