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Do you remember getting your first bike for Christmas and going for a ride around the street on Christmas day. Your son or daughter might want a new games console but getting a bike is something they will remember for longer. A bike isn't just another toy to be played with a few times and discarded a few days later. A bike is a chance to be outdoors, to go on an adventure and gain some freedom. It's a way to stay fit and healthy. It's a quick way to get to school or the shops and most of all a bike is fun to own and develops a skill that last forever.

What other Christmas present can you get that can compete with this?

View all Kids Bikes 

The Best Kids Bike to Buy for Christmas

Ages 2-4 

A balance bike is the best way to teach your child to ride a bike, balance is the most important thing to learn. We recomend you don't use stabilisers at any point. It will delay them developing the skills they need to ride. Read our full guide on teaching your child to ride here

Balance Bikes

Frog 1

Ages 3-5 

As soon as your child has learnt to balance they will be confident enough to move onto a proper bike with pedals and brakes. We recomend a lightweight bike thats fun and easy to ride. Don't buy a cheap heavy steel framed bike with stabilizers unless you want to set them back for years put them off cycling forever. These hybrid bikes are perfect for starting out and you will be amazed who far your children can go for with the right bike

Frog 43 (3-4 Years)

Frog 48 (4-5 Years)

Frog 2

Ages 6-14 

By now hopefully your child has gained some confidence, strength and stamina to go further on slightly more hillier terrain. Its time to consider gears. It doesnt need to be complicated, a single ring on the front with gears on the back is all they need. 

Frog 52 (5-6 Years)

Frog 55 (6-7 Years)

Frog 62 (8-10 Years)

Frog 69 (10-12 Years)

Frog 73 (12-14 Years)

If you are looking to try something involving more off road or just prefer the style of a mountain bike then there are some great options around.

Here are a selection's a selection of bikes for ages from around 6 upwards. Typically a 20inch bike will be suitable for 6-9 year old and a 24inch for 8- 11 years old

Kids MTB Bikes

The best way to make sure you have the right bike size is to call into our shop and let one of an experienced staff members help you choose the right size. If the bike is meant to be a suprise we are experts in letting them have a sit on the bike without them realising its a planned present.

Kids MTB Bikes


Thursday, 14 November 2019 12:24:00 Europe/London By Phil bikes, Christmas, XMAS, cycles, kids, presents, News, Bike Servicing, Workshop,

The wheels are one of the most important components that make up your bike, It's what separates you from the surface you’re riding on. So why not get a quality custom handbuilt bike wheels made the way you want. 

Typically a cheaper bike under £1500 will come with an entry set of bike factory wheels, perfectly suitable for most riding, but after a long ride or a group ride you might find yourself looking for some extra speed, comfort or ease. Grinding up up a long steep climb dragging a heavy bike or heavy set of wheels can take the fun out of cycling.

Upgrading the bicycle wheels can often be the best upgrade made to a bike as the rotating mass can drop considerably with a lighter set, as well as the option for something more aerodynamic or cooler looking. Nothing boost street cred better than a set of deep section carbon rims for a road bike or a set of pimped up colour matched hubs and spoke nipples for a mountain bike. 

All our custom handbuilt wheels are built instore to your specifications. 

We can source from some of the top brands including Enve, Hope, Chris king, Dt-Swiss, Mavic, Shimano, Syncros, Zipp, Hunt, Miche, Campagnolo, Halo, NS-Bikes, Stans, Nukeproof and many more and can build any type of wheel in our Derby based workshop, including E-bike, Velodrome/track, Bmx/Dirt jumper/DJ, Road/Racing Touring, Enduro/XC/MTB/DH. 

We are a local independent bike shop located in Derby with a full time workshop staffed by cytech mechanics offering a full range of workshop services as well as any wheel job from a small buckle to full bespoke custom built wheel set and everything in-between. Please send us a message or give us a call for a wheel consultation.

We also stock a wide range of pre built wheels found here


Some of our previous bespoke wheelbuild jobs: 

This customer, who had previously purchased his first E-Road bike required a second bespoke wheelset to give the bike more versitility by being able to swap out the wheels depending on the conditions. Which at the time most manufacturers did not offer as a ‘off the shelf option’ for his electric Road bike, as it had boost hubs. 

The build consisted of:  

1 pair of Dt-Swiss 240s straight pull hubs (Boost) 

1 pair of Dt-swiss rw411 asymmetric rims

Dt-Swiss competition spokes and nipples

The customer had also wished for a set of Pirelli tubeless tyres to be fitted and tubeless setup With Stans no tubes kit, New Ultegra cassette and Shimano Ice tech rotors, which was all done with the build, To give the ease of literally swapping the wheels as and when he pleases with no faff. With his original wheelset being fitted with a set of more gravel based tyres, and these being fitted with road tyres.

Custom Wheel1

Custom Wheel

Here’s a Hope Enduro wheelset which went through our bespoke wheelbuilding process and has been rebuilt with new spokes, and anodised spoke nipples to a colour pattern of the customers choice, The rear consisting of all purple. And the front every other one blue, and every other one purple.

This little detail, really made the wheels look good with the rest of the anodised components on the bike, which we have also supplied and fitted for him.

Custom Wheel Set



Friday, 8 November 2019 14:24:36 Europe/London By Michael Custom Bike Wheel set | Builds, News, Bike Servicing, Workshop,

The wait is finally here, we have just received our first Electric Haibike Flyon equiped bike, the first one to land is the XDURO Alltrail 5.0 e-bike.

This is a carbon hardtail with 140mm of travel. At the heart of this pedelec bike is a Flyon motor system developed by TQ-systems which delivers a maximum torque of 120Nm and is powered by a 630Wh lithium battery contained in a bulging cylindrical down tube.

This makes for a very powerful ebike and is going to take you up almost any hill no matter your fitness, on our first tests we found it very easy to maintain above 15mph on a step hill without significant effort in the extreme mode.

There are 7 modes, walk mode, Eco, Low, Mid, High and Extreme. Each level changes the screen colour on the impresive display and delivers increasing amounts of assistance.

The computer screen and data available is extensive. There's a nice options to see how much power the motor is delivering Vs how much Nm the rider is putting in. Its also nice to see some security being added to the display which locks out the power options on start up or stand by. It doesnt stop the bike being riden but if someone jumped on it and tried to ride up they aren't going to get away to quickly.

The battery can be charged without removing it, but is also quite easy to remove by cliping off the bottom cover and unlocking the battery with the key.

Haibike's eConnect also comes as standard so you can track the location of your bike and get a warning if it moves as well as crash sensors to alert someone by text in an emergency.

There are a variety of options avalaible on all the bikes some of which are standard depending on the model, these include a 5000 lument front light, built in rear lights and pannier racks.

We can source any bike from the Haibike range and prices start from £4399, if you would like to find out more and have a test ride please call in and get in touch

Here's the full range

Haibike XDURO Alltrail 5.0 Hardtail

Haibike XDURO AllMtn 5.0 Full Suspension

Haibike XDURO AllTrail 5.0 Flyon 2020



Saturday, 19 October 2019 16:54:42 Europe/London By Phil haibike, flyon, ebike, mtb, hi bike, xduro, nduro, News, Bikes, electric bike, Reviews,

As the nights draw in we find ourselves considering our cycle lighting options again and its good to see most bike light models are either getting a power boost or a reduction in price. 

Here are my top 3 picks for this seasons best rear bike light.

1. Moon Nebula 200 RRP £39.99

Nebula 200

The Moon Nebula was one of our best selling rear lights last season and this year its received a power boost to 200 lumens in flashing mode. The flash is very bright on the top setting so is best reserved for commutting and day time riding. Using this mode in a group ride is going to cause some head aches for the people behind you. Fortunately this can be turned down and also extends the run time. In the 20 Lumen flash mode the run time is 25hr. The Moon Nebula has a classy brushed aluminium finish which gives it a quality premium finish and we expect it to be very popular again this season.

Buy Here

2. Lezyne Strip Drive RRP £34.99

Lezyne strip Drive review

The Lezyne Strip drive 150 has also undergone a make over from last season with a new front panel which provides increased side visibility. Their are 11 modes ranging from 3 lumens giving 30 hours of run time upto 150 lumens in flash mode. The new model now has a charging cable which makes it easier to recharge in a computer. The old version was very popular and this uprated model looks like ever better value.

Buy Here

3. Moon Comet-X RRP £24.99

Moon Comet-x

The Moon Comet X was first release last season and still looks good this year. It is USB chargable and pumps out a respectable 50 lumens and has a max run time of 19hrs. With the usually Moon quality control and a much lower price than the high output lights this is still a great option and highly visible to motorists.

Buy Here

View All Our Bike Lights Here

Thursday, 19 September 2019 10:11:30 Europe/London By phil top 3 rear lights, bike, light, best, cycle, lighting, Reviews,

We were recently introduced to the new range of Tannus protection inserts which seems like a great idea , this is an alternative to tubeless tire systems. The insert protects you tires from thorns and glass, but also allows you to run you tires at lower pressure without the risk of pinch flats.


The insert sits between your tire and tube. 

There is no mess as you don’t need any sealant or eplacement valves. 

The inserts come in a variety of sizes from 700c x 35 to 29 x 2.5


Tech Info


Tannus Armour is the ultimate in tire protection and performance for all levels and styles of riding.

Sitting between your tire and inner tube, the Armour guarantees to protect your tires from any damage so that you can carry on riding no matter what

Whether you are a city biker, adventure tourer or prefer the off-road, downhill or gravel trails, Tannus Armour gives you increased grip and vibration dampening for a smoother, more comfortable and enjoyable ride.


Each Armour size fits a wide range of tire widths. With some sizes it is necessary to trim the Armour wings slightly so they do not fold when installing. Tannus have made it super easy by adding a cut line on the Armour wings. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut along the line. Easy!


Coming in sizes that should fit most bike tyres this is a great little product to give you a bit more piece of mind while cycling.


If you would like us to fit these for you we offer a supply and fit service package on this item for a total of £74.99.

Tannus Armour

Tannus Armour

Tannus Armour


Tuesday, 17 September 2019 10:59:43 Europe/London By phil Tannus, tire, protection, tubeless, insert, puncture, News, Bike Servicing, Workshop,

We recently received an interesting email from one of our customers


Hi Cyclo Monster,

“I have been given the challenge, by David of fitting a full Di2 Groupset, finding compatible components, and have it completed in under a working week.

The key reason for the bike changes are due to David's MND (motor neuron disease).

He is losing the ability to move his hands and as such, cannot now change gear.

The electronic shifting will allow him to continue riding until such time he deteriorates further.


David will be raising money for Loros in Leicester, by doing the “Old packhorse route” The route climbs steeply out of The Coniston Coppermines Valley and over Hole Rake to Tilberthwaite. It then crosses the River Brathay before descending to Elterwater and climbing over Red Bank to Grasmere. It then climbs over Dunmail Raise before travelling along the Thirlmere Valley and making one final climb over Castlerigg to drop down to the smelter site at Brigham in Keswick.”

This was a bit of an unusual project for us, we regalary fit Di2 components to standard bikes, but this bike was a hand bike and the fitment was going to pose some technical challenges and some thinking about.

I started by locating a suitable place to place the battery itself, the battery we settled on was an internal battery, originally the customer wanted to use the older external version. But they are not compatible with the rest of the components so we settled on the new model.

I made a bung, similar to what is used to keep the batteries located in seat posts for the Steering tube. Whilst this keeps it secure, factory fitted mudguard also hides the battery and should in theory deflect all water and debris getting to it. 

I then got to work removing all the old components from the bike we’d no longer be needing, including the old shifter, front and rear derailleur and cassette. 

In order to use di2 we needed to swap out the triple chain rings for double rings, for the new ratio cassette to work, with no chain drag or slap we had to change the front chainrings to a smaller size. We went for 30/38t, and swapped out the 3 olds rings, for the 2 new ones.

Next up we fitted the larger ratio 11 speed cassette, and rear xtr carbon Di2 derailleur, with internal routing. Then the shifters were fitted, and cables for them routed along the brake cables, with the front derailleur.

And finally we fitted the chain (2 of them joined together was required for the length). The chain was cut to a perfect length so every gear was accessible without having chain slap or causing the chain to drag.

Once all the running gear was on, I could fit the display screen (Indicates what gear you’re in and battery remaining on the Di2 system) I plugged it into E-tube and made the appropriate adjustments  to the gearing ranges we had used and indexed the gears accordingly after updated each component to the latest firmware version. 

After a few test rides, we found that the right hand brake lever cable was trying to trap itself in the caliper, to fix this a custom 90 degree bend, from 2 V-brake noodles was made, to keep it pushed out under rotation. With this, it worked perfectly. We look  forward to hearing how the first ride went.


Di2 Hand Bike modified

 Di2 Hand Bike modified

Monday, 9 September 2019 15:41:04 Europe/London By Cyclo Monster workshop, hand bike, upgrades, service, charity, derby, News, Bike Servicing, Workshop,

Scott recently launched a new Gambler downhill platform with carbon and aluminium options, both options are very light compared to previous models, with the carbon frame weighing in at 2650g for frame and hardware, the aluminium bike is heavier but still lighter than most other equivalent carbon bikes.

Key Highlights

2650g Frame weight

29" or 27.5" wheels

435mm to 450mm adjustable chainstay length

62 to 64 degree head angle

4 way progression adjust


First, we will focus on frame construction. It is here where our renowned carbon expertise is evident.


Let’s get straight to the point – we wanted this bike to be light. If you look at our racing pedigree across other disciplines, we aim to always give our athletes as many competitive advantages over other brands as possible. With the weight advantage, we’ve become experts over the years, and can finally apply this expertise to a downhill race rig. The Gambler Tuned’s carbon frame with hardware comes in at 2650g. Taking everything we’ve learnt from developing frames like the Ransom, we saved weight everywhere we could. We even developed a new method to manufacture an ultra-light and strong linkage that we can tune for stiffness to a level not achievable with alloy, it only weighs 160g. The Gambler’s new suspension design allows for a super-light frame package. Using our Evolap layering technology as well as an adapted version of our down tube shock mount construction, we’re able to achieve incredible weight figures for a downhill frame.


However, carbon design and engineering go beyond just weight, as when we set a weight target, we set up a stiffness target as well. We worked closely with our athletes to determine a good blend of stiffness and flex, aiming to give them a tool that would be proficient on all world cup tracks and in all conditions. Working with various materials and layup techniques we were able to achieve a torsionally stiff frame for responsive behavior but with the right level of lateral flex to provide compliance and comfort on difficult sections of track. How’d we do this? In a sense, we followed a learn by doing approach. By taking concepts too far in certain directions, we we’re able to eliminate certain ideas, while refining ones that worked. We made prototypes and we took them to the races. By testing bikes which were too stiff in race situations as well as ones that were too soft, we saw first-hand all the positives and negatives chassis stiffness can provide. We then took it a step further and bench tested these same frames as well as those of competitors helping us to identify our sweet spot.

Like with the Genius and the Ransom, the Gambler was designed with two main construction zones – a “stiffness zone”, and a “lightweight zone.” Through clever layering and reinforcement in certain zones we obtain the idea of stiffness between the head tube and the rear wheel axle via a path following the downtube and the chain stays - we call this the stiffness backbone. Designs like the new Gambler which leave the top and down tubes free of shock loads allow us to fine tune flex and create the opportunity to optimize chassis compliance. Part of the magic mix is NOT putting extra forces on the down tube and top tube with shock mounts or linkage pivots. Thanks in part to this design we were able to make a lighter frame with stiffness AND flex in all the right spots.


Even though we were able to get to our low weight target, we didn’t compromise on our strength target. This is a downhill bike after all, and it needs to be able to roll with the punches. We test all our bikes to our own very high standard, which sits well above industry norms, and with the Gambler we wanted to make sure that the bike could withstand the forces a professional athlete can exert during a world cup season. There is no point in making a lightweight, fast bike if it isn’t a strong bike.

Scott Gambler Prices

Gambler 900 tuned Carbon: £7199

Gambler 910: £5399

Gambler 920: £3999

Gambler 920: £3399

Scott Gambler Tuned 2020

Scott Gambler Alumunium

Scott Gambler Tuned 2020

Scott Gambler Tuned 2020

Scott Gambler Tuned 2020

Scott Gambler Tuned 2020

More Details here on Scotts website

Saturday, 10 August 2019 12:33:35 Europe/London By Phil Scott, Gambler, Downhill, Freeride, DH, 2020, Review, Technical details, Prices, News, Bikes,

Scott Addict RC 2020 Range Details

Here are some details on the new Scott Addict RC road bikes that have just been released ready for 2020.

This is a fast high performance bike, just ask Simon Yates who won stage 15 of the 2019 tour de france on one of them. There's a few points to note about this bike which include:

A complete lack of any visible cables is the first thing to notice, other manufacturers have done similar things but not quite fully hidden, the internal routing also filters down to the entry level models which we weren't expecting and were very pleased to see at the range launch.

Disc only, its the future for higher end bikes, love or hate them they stop you better and you will be safer riding with a disc setup even in the dry.

The new addict frame is stiffer, more aero and more comfy to ride than the older models.

You can run them with 28mm tyres we think 30mm at a squeeze.

The bottom bracket height has been dropped slightly to compensate for the trend towards bigger tyres.

The frame has a clever new seat post clamp design which only adds 12g.

The bike is more aero gaining you 6 watt at 45km/h

The frame construction has been simplified and is made in 3 parts instead of 6 which reduces the joins, making the frame lighter and stronger.

You are probably expecting this road bike to be very expensive and certainly the Ultimate model meets that expectation at £10800 with the highest spec HMX-SL carbon layup a Sycross IC SL carbon integrated bar weighing 295g, Sram Red Etap and a set of Zipp 202 NSW, so if you want the best this is the one for you.

However the technology trickles down quite nicely to the other bikes in range with an Ultegra mechanical bike coming in at much more friendly £3199.

We really like the Sram Force version at £4399, Srams 12 speed wireless groupset is superbly smooth to ride and I loved the auto changing gears as you move though the block.

We are already taking pre orders for the bikes with first availability towards the end of the year, if they aren't on the website yet, please call in we have full spec's images and prices available instore.

Scott Addict RC Prices

Scott Addict RC Ultimate (Sram Red Etap) = £10,799

Scott Addict RC Premium (Dura-Ace Di2) = £8,999

Scott Addict RC Pro (Dura Ace) = £6299

Scott Addict RC 10 (Dura Ace) = £4399

Scott Addict RC 15 (Ultegra Di2) = £4999

Scott Addict RC 20 (Sram Forec Etap) = £4399

Scott Addict RC 30 ( Ultegra) = £3199

Frame Sets Scott Addict RC Ultimate = £2699

Frame Sets Scott Addict RC Team Edition = £2699

Frame Sets Scott Addict RC Pro = £1999

Creston iC SL intergrated bar and stem = £499.99

Sunday, 21 July 2019 17:42:58 Europe/London By Phil Scott Addict RC, 2020, Scott, Price, Review, Bikes, Kids Bikes, Reviews, New,


So what is the range of your electric bike and how far can your ebike go, this is a question many people ask and there are lots of variables to find the answer. 

Here are the most important factors to consider when trying to maximise the range of your electric bike. 

Weight, temperature, assist mode and terrain.



System weight can make a big difference to the range of your bike, the heavier you are or the more equipment you pack with you the larger the effect on the assisted range of your e-bike. 

The charts below shows that a 60 kg rider can get upto 19% further under the same conditions that a 110 kg rider.

Effect of rider weight on an ebike

 Effect of rider weight on an ebike



Temperature can have a big effect on the range of your ebike, however its not the outside temperature that causes the reduction on range but the starting temperature of the battery, before the ride try and ensure the battery is not too cold.

Effect of temperature on an ebike

 Effect of temperature on an ebike

To increase your ride range when its cold, store and charge your ebike inside, the aim is for the battery to not be too cold at the start of your ride, once you start your ride the battery will heat up quickly even if its cold outside. So a warm battery at the start of the ride will mean more range than if it was cold when you started


In this test one rider rode the same course on Eco, Trail and Boost (Shimano Steps E8000), so how far can the rider go? 

Rider Weight: 70kg

Bike: Focus Sam2 6.9

Travel: 170mm 



In the field test, our athlete rode nearly twice the distance than in Boost mode. But he sacrificed more than 4 km/h of average speed.


Boost is the most fun – but use a smart mix of all modes to make the fun last longer.


In this test one rider rode the same course. First test run is going down the gravel road and up the single trail. For the second test run we change the direction and go down the trail and up the gravel road. Each test ride is run in Boost mode (highest support). Does it make any difference in reach on which terrain you ride?

Terrain effects on an ebike


Apparently, in our field test there is no big difference in distance between the two runs. You expect the trail to consume more due to its surface. But it is even the other way around. Up the gravel and down the trail consumed a bit more battery capacity. Why? It is not only the terrain you are riding on, it is also your riding style that influences the reach. Riding up and down a challenging trail requires body work. If you go up a trail, your body works much more than going up a gravel road. That means more work for you, but less work for your engine. If you go down the gravel road you freewheel much more than down the trail. There you keep pushing and pedaling which also consumes battery capacity.


  1. Lower your system weight.

  2. Store and charge your e-bike inside in warm conditions.

  3. Use a smart mix of all modes and turn the power off if you can, such as on the flats or when going downhill.

  4. Ride more trails up or down.

  5. Go out and explore a new trail.


These test were carried out on the Focus Jam2 and Sam2 by Focus Bikes in Germany. 



Wednesday, 3 April 2019 10:08:00 Europe/London By phil e-mtb, ebike, e-bike, range, tests, News, Bikes, electric bike,

Shop the new Chapeau! spring range at Cyclo Monster.

Stand out from the crowd with cycling jerseys, shorts, socks, caps and other accessories from one of the UK’s top cycle clothing brands. Stylish and timeless, you won’t find any gordy colours or the ubiquitous black and red of so many other brands. With both relaxed and more race orientated fits, there’s something for everyone from a muted colour palette with subtle highlights that co-ordinate almost any combination.

New for this spring and summer season is the Club Jersey Pro with laser cut, textured aero sleeves, three rear cargo pockets, and an additional security pocket.

Available in store at Cyclo Monster in a tasty aubergine and ready to pair with the top performing Carbon Grey Club Bibshorts.

Look out for the special limited edition version of the Club Jersey Pro due to launch in time for the Tour De France!

Please note that Chapeau! is an in store only brand and cant be purchased via our website.

View the range here.

Chapeau club pro jersey aubergine stripe

Monday, 1 April 2019 14:21:37 Europe/London By Jamie chapeau, clothing, derby, spring, summer, News,
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